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The Adam style
entrance hall


Inspired by the celebrated Scottish architect, Adam, one of Jacques' ancestors redesigned part of the house when he came back from Scotland, where he had emigrated because of the French revolution of 1789.

La chambre Empire

The Empire room (Karen Brown's favorite) is a large pale coloured room that looks out onto the gardens of the front of the house. The sun will awake you in the morning

La chambre ronde

This half-moon shaped room has much charm and is decorated in the Adam style.

La chambre Bleue

La chambre verte
You will forget time in the silence of the small, romantic chambre Verte. It has a view on the park where the horses frolic in the meadow.

Salle à manger XVIIIème

Breakfast will be served in the beautiful 18th century oak panelling dining-room.
We like opening our house and welcome contact with people from all over the world. We sincerely hope you will visit us soon

Kind regards
Pascale et Jacques